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Pick a topic and listen to three mutant horror nerds rip each other’s guts out on the way to deciding who’s favorite flicks reign supreme!

Minisode 6: Joe Bob’s Jamboree + Fear Street 1666

July 26, 2021

A Supersized Minisode jampacked with more horror goodies than a Halloween bag from the nice neighborhood. First we announce the Halloween Sitcom Episodes we'll be featuring in next month's showdown. Then, Brian survived the wind, the rain, and the sun to bring us tales from the mutant mecca mega-event known as Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree, hosted by cinescape legend Joe Bob Briggs and Diana "Darcy the Mail Girl" Prince. We also wrap up the Fear Street trilogy talking about 1666 and give our final thoughts on the series as a whole. Also, Brian has quite the surprise for Meg and Steve and they all have love for the pFriem brewery.

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