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Pick a topic and listen to three mutant horror nerds rip each other’s guts out on the way to deciding who’s favorite flicks reign supreme!

Minisode 8: Jason Rising (2021) + Friday the 13th Fan Films

August 16, 2021

Monday the 16th is the offbrand version of Friday the 13th, the same way fan films are the offbrand version of professional films. In honor of Brian's birthday, they all watched a few Friday the 13th fan films including Never Hike Alone, Never Hike in the Snow, and the brand new Jason Rising produced by Womp Stomp Films. They get into what works and doesn't work in fan film culture, and how much they've improved in the modern age. Plus, Meg is on an IV sip, Steve gets his Blood Fart Lake films confused,  and they all agree Jason Vorhees is the uber violent Kool-Aid man.

Also they announce the winner of the poll for the September Showdown.

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